Retreat: North Country Career Center Student Voice

North Country Career Center Newport, VT

This is the third of five retreats of the NCCC Student Voice Team, which is focused on building an inclusive and productive culture at the Career Center. The youth-adult team […]

Retreat: Engage BHS (Burlington High School)

Rock Point Center

This is the first of six retreats this year in which youth and adults at Burlington High School will come together to look at why youth are not attending class, […]

Retreat: Greater Rutland County Supervisory Union

West Rutland School

The third in a series of retreats this year, middle and high school youth and adult teams from Proctor High School, Poultney High School, Rutland Town School and West Rutland […]

Woodbury Personal Power and Community Connections

Woodbury Elementary School

In this session, youth and adults from Woodbury Elementary School will continue looking at their Circle of Courage, identifying areas in their school where they experience Independence, Belonging, Mastery, and […]

Retreat: Hunt Middle School Restorative Practices

Robert Miller Community and Recreation Center 130 Gosse Ct., Burlington, VT

In this second of four retreats this year, youth and adults from Hunt Middle School will gather to build community, identify shared values, and explore leadership styles. They will also […]

Youth Action Council Meeting

Virtual! VT

The Youth Action Council is an opportunity for youth leaders to develop their own power and empower others to effect change. UP’s YAC also advises UP for Learning and co-creates […]

Retreat: Winooski Youth Voice

O'Brien Center Winooski

During this first of three retreats this year, youth and adults from Winooski High School will gather to build community, establish values, norms, and agreements, and explore elements of leadership. […]

Winooski School District Antiracism Steering Committee

Winooski Middle/High School

The Winooski School District Antiracism Steering Committee is made of youth, faculty/staff, community members, and community partners who are tasked with overseeing the work of the six Antiracism Demand Action groups. […]

Lamoille North Supervisory Union Equity Team Meeting

Green Mountain Tech and Career Center

The Lamoille North SU (LNSU) Equity Design Team (EDT) is a representative group of youth and adults (approx. 15-20) from the LNSU community. They provide ongoing input to frame strategies […]

Retreat: Williston Central School

Williston Central School

Williston Central School invites students to 5 training days to build a Youth and Adult Equity Team. The team invites youth interested in sharing their voice, learning leadership skills, helping […]