About Us

Values and Guiding Principles

We envision a time when all youth will take responsibility for their own learning by collaborating with adults in the educational system to reach their own goals. We utilize 6 guiding principles to move our work forward: share responsibility, start from strengths, assume positive intentions, seek equity and justice, create open dialogue, and employ data to drive change.


UP Faculty

Drawn from the fields of education, developmental psychology, and educational opportunity, UP Faculty bring a deep commitment and far-ranging expertise to our programs.


Board of Directors

The UP for Learning Board of Directors represent a wide range of expertise in the fields of education, higher education, policy development, and student activism, including students and professionals who participated in UP programs as youth.


Supporters and Collaborators

An impressive list of local, regional and national organizations and institutions of higher education have supported the work of UP for Learning over the past decade.


History and Reach

Now into our second decade, UP for Learning grew from a demonstration project of the importance of youth voice in school reform into what it is today.


Why Youth-Adult Partnership?

Just as student centered learning requires a partnership between youth and adults, building public understanding for change must be built upon this same fundamental partnership between the two largest stakeholder groups in education.


Work with Us

Occasionally UP for Learning has positions available. If open positions are available, they will be posted here.