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Personal Power & Community Connections

Embracing one’s inherent personal power, and contributing to a healthy community by respecting and encouraging the personal power of others.

Why does it matter?

Personal Power and Community Connections guides and empowers youth and adults to create positive change in their communities. Using an asset-based approach, teams will identify strengths and opportunities in their learning environment using school climate data, celebrate their strengths, and brainstorm action to take to improve their areas of concern. In this way youth and adults gain empathy and connection with their broader school community as they learn how to nurture their own skills and increase collective agency.

Program Model Includes:


  • Community Building
    • Personal Power: Explore and strengthen self-awareness as we delve into mindsets, values, and healthy identities.
    • Empathy & Awareness: Increase understanding of social awareness by examining empathy and compassion and historical, cultural, and social norms.
    • Community Connections: Enrich relationship skills by examining different problem solving methods, effective communication strategies, team building, and amplifying agency and voice
    • Making Constructive Choices: Embrace responsible decision making by thinking critically, understanding multiple perspectives and contributing positively to the community.
  • Opportunities for youth to be co-facilitators and gain leadership skills
  • Asset-based activities to increase awareness of existing strengths 
  • School climate data analysis 
  • Support for community dialogue and action planning

Who Should Participate

A representative team of youth and adults who are committed to learning and sharing these foundational skills within their school community (classroom, advisories, teams etc.) and supporting the long term personal growth of young adolescents.


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