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UP Resources: While the school building is closed


Remote Learning and the Brain: UP’s Webinar Series
To help meet the needs of our evolving educational landscape, UP for Learning is hosting a series of professional learning webinars that focus on the impact of stress on learning, the power of positive self-talk, and how the brain learns. Following each webinar, educators will be provided with a lesson and resources they can immediately implement with students to help them become more effective learners during these unprecedented times.

The live webinars will be held every Thursday during May from 3:00-4:00 pm. If you are unable to attend at this time, you can register and a recording of the webinar will be sent to your email. A professional learning hours certificate will be provided by UP for Learning upon completion of each webinar. Register here.


Thursday, May 7th: How Stress and Emotions Impact Learning & Strategies to Reduce Stress
Thursday, May 14th: The Power of a Positive Mindset, Self-Talk, and Response to Errors
Thursday, May 21st: Understanding and Influencing How the Brain Processes Information
Thursday, May 28th:  Strategies for Effective Remote Teaching & Learning 

Check out this short video for additional webinar information, and please contact Amie Conger at amie@upforlearning.org with any questions.

Connecting Youth Across Vermont
UP for Learning’s Youth Advisory Council (YAC) has created a survey for Connecting Youth Across VT during this time of physical distancing. The YAC is hoping to cultivate connections across schools so that young people can share their expertise, talents and interests with one another.
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Educational Resources

UP Resources

Supporting Holistic Restorative Approaches to Learning During School Building Closure:  This resource was created by several different RP specialists, collaborators and trainers who are part of the VT Restorative Approaches Collaborative and with support of the Vermont Department of Health and Division of Alcohol and Substance Abuse Programs.  It is an invaluable resource tool for all school leaders and school staff as well as families during this time of closure.
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Remote Community Dialogue/Engagement Resource:  UP for Learning has created a resource to support teams in remotely engaging their community through dialogue and connections.
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Structure and Routines for Virtual Advisories
UP for Learning has created a resource to support teams in developing the structures and practices for maintaining and strengthening connections virtually.
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Cultivating Pathways to Sustainability: Project-Based Learning and the Sustainable Development Goals during COVID-19 – UP and our partners at Shelburne Farms created a resource to support project-based learning at home for learners and educators.
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Other Resources

Young Writers Project Social Distancing Journal: WHAT HAPPENS WHEN THE WORLD STOPS? Young Writers Project and YWP alumna Adelle Brunstad are working together to document the COVID-19 pandemic through the eyes of YWPers. We are collecting your candid reflections of the strangest period of our lives in words, photos, and art. Share your observations, moments, realizations, frustrations, laughter, sadness, fears, hopes — whatever you’re thinking, feeling, seeing.

Education Reimagined Distance Learning Resource Center : Myriad resources for young people, parents, and educators to find grounding during this unprecedented moment and engage in rich distance learning experiences.


COVID-19 Support: Vermont PBS At-Home Learning
Vermont Public Broadcasting System (PBS) and the Vermont Agency of Education (AOE) are partnering to support continuity of learning for our students and school communities. This partnership provides access to free educational programming through Vermont PBS At-Home Learning. The Main channel delivers Pre-K through grade 8 programming that is aligned to national standards and includes interactive lessons and suggested activities. PBS Plus (WGBH) is airing standards-aligned educational programming for grades 6-12. Teachers can create unique accounts with their school email or Google account through PBS LearningMedia. Accounts are free and provide access to a range of additional features. Please contact Pat Fitzsimmons or Heather Duhamel.
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Core Philosophies of LUHS Distance Learning / Education in a time of CoronaVirus
Shared with permission from the team at Lamoille Union High School
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Vermont Agency of Education Continuity of Learning Plan
This is a helpful template from the AOE.  Review to see what the AOE has prioritized during distant learning.
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Our Shared Humanity
Join educators, school leaders, partners, and community members every Thursday at 1 p.m. on ZOOM for a 35-minute restorative opportunity to pause, reflect and connect. Attend when you can. No commitment necessary! Hosted by Annie O’Shaughnessy and other members of the RAC, this shared time will provide a much-needed sense of connection and calm.
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Slowing Down to Meet Our Students Needs – Agency By Design Oakland
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Community Resources

Why the Coronavirus Hits Teenagers Particularly Hard: Teenagers are hungry for exploration, social connection, and independence–the kinds of developmental drives that have become directly threatened by the same measures that are absolutely essential for public health.

How the Education System Can Take Advantage of its Newfound Flexibilities During COVID-19 and Beyond Lindsy Ogawa, the Director of Community Engagement for Education Reimagined writes, “There is reason to believe the majority of schools will, in fact, go back to some kind of “normal” come fall, but for those who see this moment as the moment to transform, we can move ever closer to the tipping point where a high-quality, learner-centered education becomes truly available for every single child and family who wants it. Are you ready to create a new normal in your community?”


Living Justice Press – Creating Online Restorative Circles: Over the past two decades in the Restorative Justice movement, we have been nurturing relationships as the basis of a healthy community and as a critical part of any response to the disruption of a healthy community. That relational work has been done primarily in physical face-to-face presence with one another. The COVID19 pandemic has severely limited our ability to be physically present with one another. Consequently, many people are seeking ways to continue relational work by other means—other than being in the same physical space.
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KidsVT: Advice for Navigating At-Home Education by Kathleen Kesson: We will undoubtedly be faced with more crises in the future that require us to think in new ways about all aspects of our social life: How do we create strong communities? What do we collectively value? How can we build networks of support so that all are cared for? And in terms of our youth, and their education: How do we create educational approaches that value human development, equity and joy over test scores and academic achievement? What is worth learning, and how can we best prepare young people for the actual future that is evolving before our eyes? What needs to be in place to match up learners with the right resources at the right time, so that they might become self-directed and fulfill their dreams?
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UVM Extension Program
There are many opportunities for Youth from the UVM Extension Program. You do not need to be a 4-H member to participate in many offerings!
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Vermont Folklife Center
Listening in Place will preserve recordings submitted to us by Vermonters, creating a living document of how Vermonters are coping with this global reality. We invite people to send us audio recordings of interviews with the people they are sheltering with, exploring their lives during this time of pandemic. We also encourage people to record the sounds that punctuate their lives in these unusual times—board games and birds, cooking and pets—whatever fills your ears.
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Search Institute Nurturing Relationships Online
Survey results of youth thoughts about how online connections help or hurt their friendships. Search suggests looking at their answers to prompt thought about our own changing interactions and relationships in the time of COVID.
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How to Help Teens Shelter in Place
Greater Good Magazine’s article about how to help your teenager to see the bigger picture.  Teens are not made for isolation, which makes COVID-19 especially hard on them.
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A Trauma-Informed Approach to Teaching Through Coronavirus
Teaching Tolerance and Experts from the National Child Traumatic Stress Network share their recommendations for educators supporting students during the COVID-19 crisis.
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Youth Voice on the Internet
Written by Adam Fletcher for the Freechild Institute, this document shares information about youth voice on the internet, including types, expressions, and a continuum of youth voice online.
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YOUTH AND ADULTS TRANSFORMING SCHOOLS TOGETHER fosters engagement in learning by increasing rigor, relevance, relationships, and shared responsibility (4Rs). Based on the 4Rs framework, student and teacher teams use Action Research to understand issues that impact learning from multiple perspectives and then become agents of change.

RESTORATIVE PRACTICES are a positive, disruptive force to realizing greater equity in education and stronger relationships.  When implemented holistically, Restorative Practices help develop a culture where everyone’s voice is heard and valued and relationships become the cornerstone of the community. Instead of top-down punitive practices that further erode relationships, Restorative Practices put the emphasis on relationships, collaborative problem solving and collective responsibility.


PERSONAL POWER AND PURPOSE THROUGH PARTNERSHIP(P4) harnesses elements of the experiential learning cycle to increase relevance, relationships, rigor, and shared responsibility in the learning process. Self- awareness, empowerment, and empathy-building are primary goals of this middle level advisory program.

NATIONAL YOUTH-ADULT PARTNERSHIP ADVOCACY is a growing focus of the work of UP for Learning. We engage in policy advocacy, host conferences, participate in national school change organizations, offer keynotes and workshops, serve as a research learning laboratory, and pursue publication opportunities.

MINDSET, METACOGNITION & MOTIVATION supports youth as peer-to-peer messengers who share the latest research on growth mindsets, metacognition (how the brain learns) and motivation. There are several opportunities for youth-adult teams to bring this work to their school.


GETTING TO ‘Y’ is an opportunity for students to take a lead in bringing meaning to their own Youth Risk Behavior Survey data. They identify strengths and concerns, host a community dialogue event to solicit adult perspectives, and identify a priority action as the focus of their subsequent change efforts.


Shelburne Farms, UP for Learning and Vermont Learning for the Future are excited to announce the 4th annual gathering of Cultivating Pathways to Sustainability (CPS). The goal of CPS is to connect the promising efforts of Act 77 – personalized learning, flexible pathways to graduation – to that of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. School teams will link what is going on inside their classrooms to larger efforts underway, toward making a positive difference in the world. This statewide effort will connect educators and students through a range of sustainability projects designed to empower them to become actively involved in their school and communities.

COMMUNICATING SCHOOL REDESIGN engages youth-adult teams as a school’s communications hub to build public understanding and support for educational redesign. CSR employs an evidence-based communications approach called strategic framing and is built on an action research model. The teams construct campaigns to effectively engage all sectors of the community in dialogue about why schools are changing.

UP for Learning can help you create authentic opportunities to position youth as change agents in partnership with adults.

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“Few models of youth-adult partnership exist in the United states and of these, YATST has one of the most sophisticated visions of this work….The forms of technical assistance provided by YATST staff are highly sophisticated and a model nationally and beyond for how to provide support to a youth-adult partnership process. . . . Each component of the YATST vision and process is based on best practices from research and other successful reform efforts. The careful crafting of this program based on evidence-based practice provides a solid foundation on which schools grow.”   -Dr. Dana Mitra Pennsylvania State University 2012 Evaluation