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Up for Learning with Lindsey Halman and Evelyn Monje

We all understand the importance of equity in today’s society. As social revolutionaries, we often focus on creating economic equity, racial equity, and gender equity, but what about the disproportionate power dynamic between students and those “in charge” of their education?

What does it mean to have voice? Conversations from the Power-Squared Summit

On May 1, 2019, youth-adult teams from high schools in VT and New Hampshire gathered to share their insight and learnings from their school transformation work. Mary Wesley from the Vermont Folklife Center was there to capture their thoughts and ideas. Play in new window | DownloadIn this episode we discussed the work of UP for Learning with Executive Director, Helen Beattie, and Clara Lew Smith, a high school senior in Vermont who has been involved in school reform and youth advocacy work since her eighth grade year. UP for Learning provides expert coaching, facilitation, and training to … Continue reading

Shift Your Paradigm

May 2018: Helen Beattie and Clara Lew-Smith discuss the mission and work of UP for Learning with hosts from Shift Your Paradigm.

UPCast: My Voice Matters

Youth from across Vermont contemplate how and why their voice matters in their educational setting, and in their community.

UPCast: Personal Power and Purpose

Engaging youth as full partners in their education seems like a great idea, but it is often brushed aside when other priorities emerge. Hear about why this concept is critical to improving education outcomes, and what strategies move schools toward embodying this new reality.