Seeking youth researchers!

UP for Learning is collaborating with Providence College professor Rick Battisoni on a research project exploring how youth-adult partnerships influence young people’s sense of themselves in their community and their power to affect change in their school, work, and society.

In the spirit of partnership, we’re seeking youth who would like to join us as co-researchers! No prior research experience is necessary.

Together as a team, we will:

● Develop research questions

● Create a research design

● Collect data through methods like interviews, surveys, and/or focus groups

● Analyze data and share our findings in a variety of ways

This project is in the beginning stages, and this work will take place virtually throughout 2024 and 2025. We’re seeking youth researchers from across the country who would be able to work with us over that time. In addition to the experience of participating in an academic research project, youth researchers will be compensated ($15/hr) for their time and receive support in using this project to meet proficiencies or credit requirements at their school.

Interested in learning more? Complete this quick form or email [email protected]