UP Youth Facilitators Ana Lindert-Boyes, Adam Porterfield, Damien Garcia, and Maisie Franke delivered a workshop for the students taking part in the Racial Justice Academy Leadership class, part of Burlington High School’s Year End Studies (Y.E.S.) program. This program provides all BHS students with the opportunity to explore a subject that they are interested in during the last two weeks of school. The facilitators led the youth in a discussion about the differences and similarities between leadership and facilitation, and what they see as their strengths and challenges as facilitators.

They also led the group through some fun role-playing activities, where youth practiced what to do when, for instance, a participant in a discussion monopolizes the conversation, or continues to interrupt others. They concluded with a question and answer session, when the facilitators shared their experiences with leadership, and the BHS team described what they are learning in their YES program.

 These BHS students will be teaching a lesson about racial justice to elementary school students at the Integrated Arts Academy in the coming weeks, and we hope that they learned some helpful facilitation skills!