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Retreat: North Country Career Center

Driven by a thriving Student Voice Team, a growing culture of youth-adult partnership and the practice of Youth Participatory Action Research, NCCC will extend its work to engage the community […]

Retreat: Edmunds Middle School

This new team will kick off their first retreat of the year, focusing on youth leadership and ways to  improve the culture at their school through restorative practices.

Retreat: First Branch Unified School District

The team will continue their focus from last year on community building, youth-adult partnership, and youth leadership. They will also begin the YPAR process for the rebranding of First Branch […]

October’s Racial Justice Dialogue: Intersectionality

During Up For Learning’s most recent Racial Justice Dialogue, participants discussed the topic of “intersectionality.” Intersectionality provides a base for understanding how various components of a person’s identity and social […]