Lindsey Halman

Program Director

Lindsey joins the UP team after 15 years as a middle level educator and advocate. Prior to joining UP, she co-founded The Edge Academy at Essex Middle School. The Edge Academy served as a model and learning laboratory for many educators throughout Vermont, and beyond.  The Edge integrated education for sustainability, as well as the arts, into all aspects of the team and curriculum. At the Edge Academy, there was a strong focus on student voice, student-centered learning, project-based learning, and negotiated curriculum. Lindsey is passionate about building strong relationships with students and adults, helping them feel empowered to make change, and creating a socially just climate and culture for all. During her time as a middle level educator, she started, and co-facilitated, a student-led peer leadership program, a restorative practice process, as well as a QSA at Essex Middle School. Lindsey holds her National Board Certification as a middle level generalist and is a strong advocate for middle level practices and education throughout the state. She is currently president-elect and a board member of VAMLE (Vermont Association for Middle Level Education), a member of the Middle Grades Professional Development Collaborative, a common circle leader for Vermont Learning for the Future and a contributing member of PLP Pathways. In addition, she is adjunct faculty at Saint Michael’s College, Colchester, Vermont, where she teaches middle level education courses to pre and inservice educators. Lindsey lives in Jericho, VT with her husband, Josh, and daughter, Aila. In her spare time she can be found spending time with her family, taking ballet and hip hop classes, gardening, dreaming about flowers, reading, and loving the outdoor activities that every season brings to Vermont.




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