Bruce Perlow

Associate Director

Bruce joins UP after twelve years as a classroom teacher. He operates as an educational consultant and YATST school coach, providing support to schools in the Champlain Valley and Southern Vermont. He has also played a major role in updating the evolving YATST Curriculum.

Bruce was first introduced to YATST at the 2011 Rowland Conference and immediately felt “awed and inspired” by the students and the work they were doing, partnering with adults to redesign their schools and their learning experiences. As a result, Otter Valley participated in the Getting to ‘Y’ initiative, which culminated in a “wonderful and successful” community dialogue night. Bruce was then able to bring YATST to Otter Valley in the form of a credit- bearing class. Now, as an Associate Director, he’s drawing on that experience to help other school teams realize the potential of YATST affiliation, as well as M3: Metacognition, Mindset, and Motivation. Bruce says, “It is an honor and pleasure to do this work.”