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Retreat and Professional Development: Leland and Gray Middle and High School

Leland and Gray Middle and High School Thetford, VT

In this first retreat, the team will focus on community building, as well as beginning to look at restorative approaches to improve the school's culture and climate. They will also be exploring how to offer more equitable opportunities to engage all students in their learning.   

Retreat: White River Valley School Supervisory Union Portrait of a Graduate

White River Valley Supervisory Union

The Portrait of a graduate project will create a shared vision for the WRVSU graduate by engaging all partners (students, teachers, families, etc.) in the community to understand the most important characteristics, capabilities and experiences that graduates of WRVSU need to prepare them for success in learning and life. What skills for WRVSU students are […]

Retreat: Monument Mountain Regional High School

Monument Mountain Regional High School

The Student Adult Advisory Board will be meeting for a two-day retreat to make ensure that it has what it needs to: -Reach out and engage the whole school community to build a truly representative team -Establish youth-adult partnership as the culture of the whole school community -Ensure the work is rooted in the community’s […]

Retreat: Lamoille North Supervisory Union Equity Design Team

Green Mountain Tech and Career Center

LNSU Equity Design Team is in its second year.  This kickoff retreat will onboard many new youth and adult team members and entail visioning towards a powerful school year centering equity work in their community.