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Helen’s Reflections

I find the holiday season a mix of joy and nostalgia, but this one is particularly poignant as I contemplate my upcoming retirement as UP for Learning founder and Executive […]

November Blog-YAC

There is something fundamentally amiss about building and rebuilding an entire system without consulting at any point those it is designed to serve. -Alison Cook Sather, 2009 I have thought […]

Latest News: Health Promotion Practice Journal

Bernice Garnett MPH, ScD, Helen Beattie, EdD, Sharon Koller, MS, Mika Moore, MA, Karen Scott, MEd, Michelle Maseroni, BS, Breena Holmes, MD (2019). Participatory Survey Data Analysis as Catalyst for […]

August 2019 UPdate

Inspiring Vermont youth to innovate, collaborate, and lead change in education – in partnership with adults – for over a decade Read More

UPdate for March 2019

Vermont’s decision to shift from a traditional to a proficiency-based grading system is essential to ensuring all youth reach their full potential. It is my hope that the Vermont National […]