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YOUTH AND ADULTS TRANSFORMING SCHOOLS TOGETHER fosters engagement in learning by increasing rigor, relevance, relationships, and shared responsibility (4Rs). Based on the 4Rs framework, student and teacher teams use Action Research to understand issues that impact learning from multiple perspectives and then become agents of change.

GETTING TO ‘Y’ is an opportunity for students to take a lead in bringing meaning to their own Youth Risk Behavior Survey data. They identify strengths and concerns, host a community dialogue event to solicit adult perspectives, and identify a priority action as the focus of their subsequent change efforts.


MINDSET, METACOGNITION & MOTIVATION supports youth as peer-to-peer messengers who share the latest research on growth mindsets, metacognition (how the brain learns) and motivation. Concurrently, faculty align their classroom practices accordingly and become teacher leaders to establish “fluency in the language of learning” school-wide.


COMMUNICATING SCHOOL REDESIGN engages youth-adult teams as a school’s communications hub to build public understanding and support for educational redesign. CSR employs an evidence-based communications approach called strategic framing and is built on an action research model. The teams construct campaigns to effectively engage all sectors of the community in dialogue about why schools are changing.

NATIONAL YOUTH-ADULT PARTNERSHIP ADVOCACY is a growing focus of the work of UP for learning. We engage in policy advocacy, host conferences, participates in national school change organizations, offers keynotes and workshops, serves as a research learning laboratory, and pursues publication opportunities.

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New Graduate Course
New Graduate Course

A new course has been created this year entitled, “Communicating School Redesign through the Youth-Adult Partnership Lens” (see attached syllabus...

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