Youth Advisory Council

Youth Advisory Council: Youth At the Center

The Youth Advisory Council is a leadership opportunity for youth leaders to effectively develop their own power and empower others to affect change. UP’s YAC also advises UP for Learning and co-creates programming. YAC members are in a position to activate youth-adult partnership and learner agency statewide. We are middle and high school youth that represent teams engaged in participatory action research and educational equity across Vermont.

Brody Brown

Youth Advisory Council

Brody is a junior in the graduating class of 2022 at Williamstown Middle High School. His personal interests are recreational running, spending time with friends and family, and eating!

As a new member of the Youth Advisory Council, Brody is looking forward to the work in kindling, fostering, and supporting youth and adult partnership in reimagining the educational system to encompass equity of all stakeholders.

Sophia Clark

Youth Advisory Council

Sophia Clark (Sophie) is a 17-year-old Environmental and Human Rights Activist. She is the current youth representative member of the Vermont Climate Council.

She is also a member of the VT Youth Lobby, JGI Roots & Shoots Program, Governors Institute of Vermont, Sierra Club, the UP for Learning Youth Advisory Council, Vermont Climate Coalition, Vermont Youth Council Advocacy Team, and the Vermont Student Anti-Racism Committee.

She loves writing, art, cooking, spending time in nature, going on adventures, reading, yoga, and animals.

Maisie Franke

Youth Advisory Council

Hello! My name is Maisie Franke and I am a sophomore at Harwood Union High School.

I spend much of my time outside on skis, running, or biking! I love Vermont, music, and adventuring!

Climate change and racial justice are two of my passions and I have the inspiring opportunity to take action and create change!

Ana Lindert-Boyes

Youth Advisory Council

Ana Lindert-Boyes is a Junior at Twinfield Union School in Plainfield.

She joined her school’s Student Voice Group in her Freshman year, and from there her passion towards increasing student voice and reforming education grew. She is a student representative on her school board, works with Vermont Learning for the Future, and has been a partner with UP since she was a Sophomore.

In her free time she enjoys reading, writing, traveling, and playing the flute.

Erubey Lopez

Youth Advisory Council

Erubey Lopez is a senior at Lamoille Union High School. His passion for education reform began with his introduction to UP for Learning in his freshman year.

Since then, he has served on a steering committee to create a new program called EPIC Academy, which puts youth in charge of their learning through passion projects. He also represents his school by serving as their student council President. He has spoken on both state and national levels presenting the importance of youth-adult partnership and learner centered education.

In his free time, he’s a Nordic skier, a runner, and a food lover.

Evelyn Monje

Youth Advisory Council

Evelyn Monje is a new employee of UP for Learning as of 2021. She is a current senior at Winooski high school and is enrolled in the Early College program through the Community College of Vermont.

Evelyn is an active advocate for antiracism and equity in her community. She is passionate about collaborating with youth and adults to further the understanding of both antiracism and equity through restorative practices.

Evelyn enjoys working on Bread and Butter Farm year-round as an educator. She loves to be outdoors and to embark on adventures with her friends.

Mira Novak

Youth Advisory Council

Mira Novak is an 8th Grader at Shelburne Community School.

In her free time, Mira likes to cook, bake, do arts and crafts and watch Parks and Recreation!

She is passionate about social and environmental justice of all kinds and loves being part of UP for Learning and creating change!

Galen Reese

Youth Advisory Council

Galen Reese is a junior at Lamoille Union High School.

Believing that youth should have a voice regarding any issue that concerns them, he has been a passionate advocate for education reform on both the local and state level. He represents the students of his school on his district school board and is a vocal member of both his school YATST team and Student Council.

When he isn’t involved in youth activism, he enjoys skiing, playing guitar, and traveling.

Alex Smart

Youth Advisory Council

Alex Smart is a senior at Montpelier High School. She loves being involved in making youth voices heard.

She is the coordinator of the Voices for Vermont’s Children’s Youth Council, a member of the Vermont Networks Sexual Assault Crisis Team, and is a member of Montpelier City council’s Homeless Task Force.

When she has free time (which is rarely as you can imagine) she enjoys painting, theatre, playing tennis and field hockey, and being with her loved ones. Alex is very excited to be a member of the UP for Learning board!