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We just finalized our UP for Learning winter newsletter! It has been quite a year, breaking new ground with exciting opportunities for students to work with adults in partnership on a statewide communications campaign for school redesign (Shaping Our Future Together), and a new model of continuous school improvement. YATST continues to be our deepest work and anchors the organization. Getting to ‘Y’ is growing in leaps and bounds.


The concept of youth-adult partnership seems to be moving from the margins to the center of educational change on both local and state levels – a “tipping point” of sorts. We find that we are being asked to consult more frequently on how to integrate students into such efforts. Of course, we are more than happy to accommodate that request!


As this year comes to a close, I extend heartfelt thanks to one and all for your belief in this work and courage to “push the edges of the envelope.”

Best of wishes and happy new year! Helen