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“What We Talk About When We Talk About Student Voice”

From UPCast, an occasional podcast produced by UP for Learning.

The 2013 legislation Act 77 promises to create “flexible pathways” toward graduation in order promote student ownership, relevance and engagement. In this episode, Vermont students and teachers at the 2016 Power Squared: Youth and Adults Shaping Vermont Education Together conference talk about their experiences with personalized learning and student-adult partnerships. Their voices provide a powerful reminder of why it is essential to engage students as partners when we attempt transformative change in our schools.

Music: “Our Time,” an original song written and performed by Vermont students, in collaboration with Brian Boyes, Kris Gruen, and UP for Learning.

Written & produced by Tevye Kelman for UP for Learning, April 2017

Interviews by Sue Trecartin, April 2016