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On a Wednesday in late April, 150 youth and adults from around the country were flown to Facebook Corporate headquarters in Palo Alto California for the Youth Activation Summit. Helen Beattie (UP for Learning Executive Director), Aidan Lodge (Peoples Academy student and Communicating School Redesign participant) and Phil Grant (Peoples Academy principal) were invited as “experts” to share UP for Learning’s story and efforts to elevate the role of students as decision-makers. Clara Lew-Smith (Hazen Union student and UP co-faculty) was sponsored by Education Reimagined to also share her experiences as a youth activist at this forum. Teams from 11 districts around the country were charged with designing a plan to address an issue of importance, with youth in the lead. Some of the largest districts in the country were represented (e.g. Dallas, Fresno, Cincinnati), with student populations exceeding that of our state! The attached panel, including Clara Lew-Smith, kicked-off the conference and was live-streamed by Facebook.