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Every member of a school community has a sphere of influence. This sphere contains an interwoven network of relationships that can influence decisions, policy and practices. The outcomes ultimately depend on the strength of the relationships among students, teachers, administrators, families and community members. Schools across Vermont have been exploring the idea of implementing a whole school restorative approach within the current structure of the school system. As with any other movement within a system, in order for change to occur, one must locate the heart of this work. The heart is where we do the challenging work it is the place that allows us to critically examine our own practices and explore alternatives that push us to truly transform systems. Research shows that restorative approaches can transform behavior and build healthy school communities. Schools must introduce changes across the whole school…to improve all children [and I would add, adults] involvement and commitment to schooling. A whole-school approach is defined as commitment by students, staff, board members, family, community and government. 1