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Why is Vermont moving to proficiency-based learning?


How are teachers experiencing this change?


How are students experiencing this change?


What does it look like when students and teachers partner in the design and implementation of proficiencies?



“Stories on the Road to Proficiency” is a compendium of video options to help spark dialogue and further understanding about the implementation of proficiency-based learning. It validates that this work has both challenges and rightful moments of celebration. It also provides compelling testimony that the destination is well worth the effort.

Students and teachers from BFA St. Albans, Champlain Valley Union High School, Harwood Union High School, and Peoples Academy contributed to this resource. Teachers from the social studies, math, science, and English content areas offer their varied experiences and insights. Student testimony spans a broad, heterogeneous mix of individuals.

These tools were designed as a catalyst for dialogue among students, teachers, and community members, as all of us in Vermont work to understand the purpose of proficiency-based learning and the promising practices that are emerging to guide this change process. These videos were produced by Unleashing the Power of Partnership for Learning (UP for Learning), in partnership with the Vermont Folklife Center, as a component of their Communicating School Redesign initiative.

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