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What‚ the point in learning about mindset and metacognition? Why spend time on this?

The point is for you as a learner to understand how learning works. Specifically, how your brain works during learning, and the influence you can have on it, so that you can be more actively involved. Ultimately, spending this time means you will have the knowledge and understanding to influence and shape your own learning.

Knowing how to recognize and shift your mindset, and having metacognitive skills to employ, means you have the keys to open the doors to a myriad of learning opportunities. Studying and learning about mindset and metacognition provides you with the information and insight you need to effectively drive, and own, your learning. When you are the driver of your learning experiences your motivation to learn increases.

Neuroscience has shown us that our brains are capable of so much more than we are aware of. Through technological advances over the past 20 years we have learned more about how our brain works when we are learning than we have ever known. We now know how to influence our brain, maximizing our potential to take advantage of all learning experiences.

The goal of UP for Learning’sM3: Mindset, Metacognition, and Motivation initiative is to empower learners. Helping learners understand how they learn and the influence that they can have on their learning means they control their learning destiny.

Expand your potential by understanding how you learn.

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