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UP for Learning has long advocated for the addition of Shared Responsibility‚ to the other well established, research-based three Rs of engaging learning: rigor, relevance, and relationship. In fact, we believe that shared responsibility is the central catalyst for activating the three Rs, intensifying the effect of these variables. Instead of casting students as passive recipients of their education, a commitment to partnership makes them co-creators, actively engaged in the central dynamic of teaching and learning. The four Rs have been a touchstone for our Youth and Adults Transforming Schools Together action research model. Most recently, shared responsibility is the focus of a June 2015 publication in the Educational Leadership journal entitled A Case for the Missing RPlease click the thumbnail to the left to view a PDF of the article.




Videos that explore Shared Responsibility

 Unleashing Partnership РYATST / UP for Learning from Vermont Folklife Center on Vimeo.


Below is a video of the Youth and Adults Transforming Schools Together Initiative