“Spring is the promise that everything can begin again, letting go and embracing something new.”

Spring is traditionally a time for us to grow and change as we transition into a new season. With the state of our world today, the idea of letting go, embracing something new, and beginning again could not be more timely.

While I am still somewhat in shock over the speed in which the world can change, as well as how my current reality is vastly different from the one just two weeks ago, I am finding solace in the fact that sometimes I just need to be and let things be. I am working hard to recognize what is in my control and then using this to make a conscious choice of how I want to be. 

What is in my control is to take time each day to find things for which I am grateful. Through this experience, I have been given the gift of being forced to slow down, and I am choosing to use this gift to my advantage. I am taking time to savor sipping my coffee out of real mug at home instead of guzzling it down from a travel mug as I scurry out the door; I am taking time to soak in my surroundings when I take walks in the middle of each day, and I am relishing the time I have to connect with my family and friends over the phone instead of just sending a quick text. 

While I can’t see people in person, I have found new ways to stay connected to people, and, ironically, I have deepened some connections with people throughout this time. I am grateful that this experience has solidified the importance of  human connection, and it reminds me that, when life returns to normal, I need to intentionally cultivate and strengthen connections in my personal and professional life. 

This sense of connection is a basic human need, and I am grateful to read stories about human goodness happening during these very uncertain times. I have read stories ranging from kids writing uplifting messages with sidewalk chalk for their neighbors to read, to total strangers leaving gigantic tips for restaurant staff while they are literally in the process of indefinitely closing down a restaurant.  

As we navigate these uncertain times, it is helpful to think about what is in our control.  What simple act of kindness can you do for someone? What can you learn now that you have the time? What positive things can you seek out and grow as we begin again?  It is easy to find what is not going well, but, when we choose to focus on what is going right, it can be found in abundance.  


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