Mia Moutray, Middle Years Educator at Nechako Valley Secondary, Vanderhoof, BC. Mia was a participant in the webinar series Advisory: the Power of Community.

Note to Sarah Popowicz, UP Program Director: “Here’s my not-so-pretty but deep learning with the grade eight students. I read them the poem about Brave spaces (love it so much) and shared with them how I’ve always worked so hard at creating a safe classroom and learning environment. I also shared how I’m learning about becoming braver and how the poem resonates with me as I’m asking myself “is there a safe space?” Then the learners chatted with a partner about how they differ between the two terms “safe” and “brave” space, and they explored the two definitions you shared with me last class. This is what they came up with (I wrote as they spoke so it isn’t pretty handwriting) – see photo. 

Look! “Safe from harm” vs. “Heal harm!” Two grade 8 boys said that!!! Whoa! They are so insightful, all the learners! We then set goals on how we can be a bit braver next week (this week)! Those goals are in the hearts! Nothing fancy, but my learning is totally impacting them and ME! I also ran with a colleague outside on Sunday instead of indoors on my treadmill, so I’m totally getting braver personally as well! Thank you! Your courses are such a gift in my life!

Take care and deep gratitude,


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