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Customized Youth Leadership Training

We design and implement customized trainings to position young people in leadership roles in their school, including analyzing existing school data. 

Policy Advocacy

We work to elevate youth voice in all Vermont schools by influencing policy-level, state-wide decision making.


We collaborate with academic institutions as a “learning laboratory” to explore the impact of youth-adult partnership in learning and decision making. 

Lights, Camera… Leadership!

Our schools face immense challenges these days delivering on our public promise to provide an academically challenging course of study that prepares young people to achieve academically, become skilled and productive workers, and engage in the civic life of their community. Consequently, fundamental changes are needed in the way schools connect to community, and in the strategies used to educate and develop a new generation of rural citizens and leaders. The Lights, Camera… Leadership! Curriculum Guide provides new ground in addressing these interrelated issues.

Lights, Camera … Leadership! Curriculum Guide

Lights, Camera … Leadership! Evaluation

Our Voices: Our Community 

Our Voices: Our Community curriculum is a leadership development guide for young people. It is also a leadership development guide for all of us, for leadership is about how we live our lives every day. The curriculum requires participants to draw on their experience, build on their strengths, and work in partnership in order to bring to bear all their resources. It guides them through Circles of Leadership centering on the personal and extending outward to their community ad beyond. And it concludes with the contribution individuals and groups make to the life of their community through a project. 

Our Voices: Our Community Curriculum Guide

Our Voices: Our Community Evaluation 

For more information about any of these programs please contact: info@upforlearning.com 

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