New! Designing Education Together

There are two pandemics — COVID and SYSTEMIC RACISM — demanding that we come together to re-examine our educational beliefs and practices, build common ground and implement the changes that our school community wants and needs. With the recent shift in our educational landscape, now, more than ever, it is critical that we create opportunities […]

Latest News: Health Promotion Practice Journal

Bernice Garnett MPH, ScD, Helen Beattie, EdD, Sharon Koller, MS, Mika Moore, MA, Karen Scott, MEd, Michelle Maseroni, BS, Breena Holmes, MD (2019). Participatory Survey Data Analysis as Catalyst for Empowering Youth as School Health Change Agents. Health Promotion Practice Journal, July 2019  Vol. 20, No. (4) 483-488

Youth and Adults Stereotypes: The comic strip in my mind

Mid-way through our conversation about youth and adult stereotypes during the Youth and Adults Transforming Schools Together (YATST) program orientation, I pictured a comic strip showing a group of young people walking past a group of adults on the sidewalk.  The bubbles over their heads showing their thoughts were exactly the same … “I think […]

Lindsey Halman named Executive Director effective January 2020

I am honored to be named Executive Director of UP for Learning and lead us into our second decade. During my 15 years as a middle level educator, I have worked to elevate best practices and innovative ideas across the educational landscape. In my role as Executive Director of UP for Learning, I will work […]

August 2019 UPdate

Inspiring Vermont youth to innovate, collaborate, and lead change in education – in partnership with adults – for over a decade Read More

The Heart of the Work: Transforming Schools Through Restorative Practices 

Every member of a school community has a sphere of influence. This sphere contains an interwoven network of relationships that can influence decisions, policy and practices. The outcomes ultimately depend on the strength of the relationships among students, teachers, administrators, families and community members. Schools across Vermont have been exploring the idea of implementing a […]

UPdate for March 201 9

Vermont’s decision to shift from a traditional to a proficiency-based grading system is essential to ensuring all youth reach their full potential. It is my hope that the Vermont National Education Association’s request to push back the deadline for implementing proficiency-based graduation requirements to 2022 does not diminish a commitment to this change. Here is […]