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claraDate: October 30, 2014

Location: Davis Center, University of Vermont

Description: Helen Beattie, Mary Whalen, Sally MacCarthy (YATST Advisor and Hazen Union Guidance Counselor) and Clara Lew-Smith (Hazen YATST student) presented a workshop called “Raising Aspirations: Growth Mindset for All Learners.”

The powerpoint presentation can be found here.

Guidance Counselor’s Institute


Date: October 9, 2014

Location: Sugarbush Resort, Vermont.

Description: Sally McCarthy, Dylan McAllister and Keilah Figueroa and Helen Beattie presented the keynote presentation entitled, "The Case of the Missing R: Shared Responsibility."

The powerpoint for this presentation can be found at

International Youth Voice Seminar

Date: June 24-26, 2014 Location: Cambridge University, Cambridge, England

Description: UP for Learning Director Helen Beattie presented a workshop with Dr. Susan Groundwater-Smith from the University of Sydney entitled, “Bridges to Partnership”. They chose the bridge as a metaphor for the lessons learned in the development of youth-adult partnerships.

The powerpoint for this presentation can be found at:

Agency of Education Personalized Learning Plan Conference

Date: August 12, 2014

Location: Castleton State College Description: Helen Beattie presented an overview of “The Missing R: Shared Responsibility” and reviewed our research regarding youth perceptions of education and learning, as a factor in Act 77 implementation.

The powerpoint for this presentation can be found here

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  • YATST Student Member

    The student-led faculty meeting was unlike anything I have ever seen in terms of students and teachers holding a discussion about a topic as sensitive as their teaching methods. I heard from a lot of teachers in the “go-around” that they were awestruck about what had just happened.

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